1 Fairway Rd
Lido Beach NY 11561
(Corner of Lido Boulevard)

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Eruv and Mikvah

The Lido Beach Community is surrounded by an Eruv which allows our families, young and old to carry or push strollers on Shabbos. Whether to Shul, to the popular Clark St Park to play in the afternoon or just for a walk on the beautiful streets the Lido Eruv is maintained at a high standard and encloses the entire area.

The Eruv is under the kashrus of our Mara D'Atra, Rabbi Biegeleisen. Rabbi Dovid Miller, who trained under the Halachic supervision of Rabbi Isaac Kresh and maintains the Far Rockaway and Long Beach Eruvin serves as the hands-on consultant.

Note: The Eruv does not include any part of the beach itself or the gold course.

Anchor park playground (at the end of the dunes), Lido Town Park and their surrounding parking lots are not in the Eruv.

The Dunes neighborhood, including the road  and path along the dunes is in the Eruv.

The School yards and fields are in the Eruv.

The Long Beach Eruv runs contiguous to the lido Eruv -click here for information on the Long Beach Eruv.

Map: Red lines indicate the Lido Beach Community Eruv. Blue lines indicate the Long Beach Eruv

Lido Eruv.PNG