Lido Beach Synagogue hosts a wide variety of events, lectures, Yomtov celebrations, youth groups and social activities for all ages.  Here are some samples of past and current events.


Torah study, lectures, social and a weekly Kiddish Club! Aside from the gala sit down kiddush after Davening each Shabbos, just before the Rabbi's speech the Young Leadership hosts a weekly kiddush club for those who who need a little something in their stomach to help digest the inspiration. And the the pride of the club is.. its all over and back inside the Shul for the drasha!

Youth and Family

From weekly Youth  groups, to an annual Family Fun Blowout BBQ, we pride ourselves on welcoming family involvement in the Shul at all ages!


Yomtov, Simchas, Sisterhood, Men's Club. Educational, Social and just Community get togethers are hosted by members of Shul throughout the year. As we join together in jewish unity, we share our gift of Yiddishkeit and life itself! Get involved!

1 Fairway Rd
Lido Beach NY 11561
(Corner of Lido Boulevard)

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