Kosher Restaurants and Shopping

Our Community offers several local kosher eateries and shopping options. From a full takeout menu at 'Moshe's' or 'the butcher' as it is known, Shop Glatt Mart officially, to snack and coffee shops. 

Aside from the groceries available at Shop Glatt, Stop and Shop on Park Ave has a stocked kosher section another popular local stop is the local Costco carries kosher meat, fish, groceries and wine.

For a full list of nearby restaurants under the Vaad of Five Towns click here.

The SSVK -South Shore Vaad under the leadership of our Rav, Rabbi Biegeleisen, provides certification of several local establishments.  For more information:

Note: There exists in the area 'kosher style' establishents whose standard of 'kosher' does not meet basic Kashrus standards.

Want more information on keeping Kosher?


Kosher Slurpees: List

Beer, Liqueur and Whiskey; List

Some Common acceptable kosher Symbols:

For a full list of accepted Kosher symbols see here

Beach Liquors 

1087 W Beech St, Long Beach, NY has a Kosher Isle

Atlantic Beach Wines

99 The Plaza #4, Atlantic Beach, NY

features many kosher wines


101 W. Park Ave serves some kosher coffees -see here for list

1 Fairway Rd
Lido Beach NY 11561
(Corner of Lido Boulevard)

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