Rabbi Eli Biegeleisen is the dynamic new Rav of the community. He is joined by his wife and 4 adorable children who all take an active role in Shul.


Rabbi Biegeleisen, brings with him experience in Rabbinics, Community Outreach and organizational leadership. The scion of a prominent family of Rabbis and Jewish leaders, he is a graduate of the Yeshiva of Philadelphia and Rabbinical College of Long Island/Mesivta of Long Beach. Rabbi Biegeleisen received Rabbinic ordination from several leading Rabbis in Israel and completed certificate programs in Community Development, Family Purity and Medical Halacha and holds a certificate in Family Therapy from Ta'aleh Clinic in Yerushalayim.  In addition to being a  gifted speaker, he is the author of a comprehensive work on the Halachos, Minhagim and guidance regarding  pregnancy, childbirth and hospital care, titled 'Eis Laledes', now in its second printing. The Rabbi also serves as Director of Community Engagement at Yeshiva Darchei Torah in Far Rockaway and is active in several major Jewish Organizations.


His wife, Rebbitzen Shira, is a native of Montreal, where her parents are veteran Torah educators. She is an elementary school teacher in a local Bais Yaakov, holds a degree in Psychology and is a talented Pianist with several certificates in Music, which she teaches, performs and has simply enjoyed for years. 

                                                        Our Rabbi can be reached at rabbi@lidoshul.org or 516-670-5570

1 Fairway Rd
Lido Beach NY 11561
(Corner of Lido Boulevard)

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